gratitude {part one}

salvation and grace
my hubby's bread
the color chartreuse
cool breeze
coconut water
elinor's big, bright eyes
the sounds of ben's violin as he practices for the messiah
watching my husband and friend be a papa.  he loves his little girl.  and woah, i love him.
flickering candles
the smell of coffee
my family
fluffy dog ears
the sunshine
soothing shea butter lotion
baby toes and fingers and ears and bellybuttons
our church family
whole foods
hearing christmas music for the first time of the season
baby girl's milk drunk smirk
having a reason to wear my italian wool trench coat
family walks
dc*b christmas album
this list grows and changes daily...hourly. and i plan to post a few of these in coming weeks.  what are you thankful for?  send me an email {} and i will feature your list here.