a guest post from hatton

warm and fuzzy greetings from babyland!  today, i am tickled to feature hatton from chattiehattie.com AND freshmomblog.com.  you read that right!  this lady has two blogs.  rockstar.  hatton is a full-time working mom who lives in myrtle beach with her fabulous little family.  she blogs about life at chattiehattie.com and provides a mom guide at freshmomblog.com.  check her out, would you please?

and now the TRUE reason why i am such a fan...

the irresistible pictures of her oh-so-handsome furry man, breaker the cavalier.  we have done some major instagram bonding over pictures of those sassy and sweet faces, sharing prized images of our furry balls of personality.

so, in honor of cavaliers everywhere [and especially those who have recently been forced to share their throne with a new little one] i proudly present a very special post.

thanks again hatton!


Dear Fellow Cavaliers,

My name is Breaker, and I am a fellow Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  I'm here to give you the honest truth about what happens when a tiny human starts living in your house.  No one - not a single human, animal, or Cavalier - properly prepared me for the life-change I was about to experience when a baby decided to move in our house.  I was not consulted, and I'm sure you weren't, either.

I don't think humans fully understand our regal lineage, but we were the lapdogs of KINGS.  We have a title: Cavalier KING Charles Spaniel. We are superior. That is a fact.  We are accustomed to proper grooming, well-designed furniture, and gourmet dinners.  We were bred to be pampered.

All of the pampering comes to a screeching halt when Baby arrives: for some reason, attention is diverted from grooming our gorgeous Blenheim coats to changing diapers.

Here are my survival tips:

  1. Don't think you can sniff around and turn in 25 circles to find the perfect spot for #2: your walking time will be cut in half.  Get it done or you will not have the chance again for a very long time.
  2. Attention? Don't expect much.
  3. Forget about peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.  Mama is on maternity leave: and she's at home all day long.  No more "you time" during the day time.  So sorry.
  4. Your scheduled trips to the groomer will be infrequent. I usually hide from the public when this happens.  I just don't want to be photographed with split-ends and un-pedicured toes, and I'm sure you don't either.
  5. You will be overcome with an urge to protect the Baby.  Sniff the baby, stay by its side, bark at all potential opponents, and roll around over all of its clothes.  All of these things have helped keep my Baby safe, and I'm sure it will keep yours safe, too.

You can do this.

Sincerely, Breaker