{an extra special} dear peanut

our little peanut has arrived.  {sigh}

oh, we just love that little face.


elinor grace whitehouse

november 4, 2012

8:34 pm

5 pounds 14.7 ounces

18.5 inches


comparatively, elinor arrived rather quickly for a first-timer.  and on her due date, no less!  slow and steady home labor lasted about 11 hours and then things picked up around 3:30pm.  an hour of pushing and she arrived five hours after arriving at the birth center.  i was able to have a wonderful natural birth with ben, my mom, and ben's mom there to witness...and the rest of our family waiting just outside the door.  elinor came out with a bold yell and is doing beautifully.

all is well.  we are just settling into life and enjoying our time together as a family of three.  eating, sleeping, pooping, cuddling, swaddling, oohing and ahhing.  you know, all that amazing baby stuff.  complete with newborn smell.  {sigh}  God is good.

i will be checking in to post pictures.  but i do i have some special guest posts lined up so that you don't just overload on baby cuteness.  here's to a new adventure!