dear peanut

oh, well, hello there!  as you can see, mozart the monkey is happily awaiting your arrival.  he has informed me, however, that his excitement is getting really intense and his patience is wearing thin.  so, you know, for mozart's might want to consider coming soon.  for mozart.

us?  oh, we are fine.  yup.  just sitting here, patiently waiting for you.  the request isn't for us.  we are good.  really, mozart is the one with the problem.

in other news...we have everything ready for you.  room ready.  car seat in.  bags packed.  plans made.  good to go.  your papa is on alert and is trying to maintain focus until he gets my call.  codename: skyfall.  that is the signal that things are starting to happen... skyfall.  we figured it was an apropos code.  it has a playful chicken little meets swanky secret agent 007 feel to it. we are.  still here.  waiting for skyfall.  any time, little one.  any time...  oh, we just can't wait to meet you!

love, your mama + your papa