36 weeks

cravings & such:  same ol' stuff.  the usual snacks and healthiness...with a weekly [or more] date night, big meal splurge.

the bump:  solid.  a solid ball of baby.  a swirling, waving, kicking solid ball of baby.

cool & cute things:  she is packing on the pounds.  but doctor says that she does appear to be on the smaller side of the scale.  i mean, her folks aren't exactly giants, so...  she is close to 5 1/4 pounds now and about 18 inches long.  honestly, i don't know how 18 inches of baby is curled up inside the "ball" but she is doing it.  hurray for the incredible yoga baby!

new things:  baby girl is shedding most of the downy hair that has covered her body, as well as the vernix [white, waxy stuff that coats and protects the skin while she floats in the amniotic fluid...it keeps her from coming out all prune-y].  baby is ingesting these things [gross. don't worry, we will improve upon that menu soon, my dear] to help practice her digestion and to create her first bowel movement.  get fired up for baby bowel movements folks!

meaningful moments:  organizing tiny baby clothes!  all those onesies and tiny pants and kimonos and leggings and socks.  teeny tiny and just itching for a baby to fill them out.  well, not itching...they are getting a gentle and soothing tumble in safe-for-baby-skin wash.  soft, soft, soft.

the countdown:  28 days

current size:  a crenshaw melon [whatever that is].  sounds fancy.  like a melon with a british accent.