dear peanut

hello again, little one.  i trust that all is well inside the belly.  things are going pretty well on the outside.  we are getting so very close to your joining us out here!  very, very close.  i am now seeing the doctor weekly until your arrival.  she will be checking that heartbeat of yours and making sure that things are strong and that you continue to grow.  at our last appointment, she told me that you are on the small side of the scale.  but teeny in a good way.  as in, a good size for your mama... they are going to keep an eye on your fattening up in the coming weeks.  they want to make sure that those duck fat fries make it to you instead of to my booty.  it isn't very kind of me to hog the fatness.

did you know that in less than two weeks, i am considered full term?  that means that if you were to come early, they wouldn't stop you.  wow.  we have almost made it, sweet girl!  but if you don't mind, please stay in there a bit longer than two more weeks.  your papa would relish the extra time to get those final ducks in a row.  and i don't mind the extra baby chub that you will gain.  however, if you would like to join us a few days early, we wouldn't mind that one bit!  for some reason your papa thinks that you will be here by october 27th.  i guess we'll see if he is that smart and intuitive.  october 27th!  if you arrive then, that means you will be here with us THIS MONTH.  oh. my. goodness.  so soon!  and we are so excited to see that little face of yours. eyelashes and all.

love, your mama + your papa