35 weeks

cravings & such:  taking in a bunch of good stuff, one bite at a time.  i am trying to get the most nutrition packed into the smallest package since big meals can be a bit much these days.  bang for my caloric buck, people...sausages, hamburgers, and fries notwithstanding.  and i am really trying to steer clear of sugar since it makes me feel icky after i consume it.  but sometimes i just have to break down and indulge that sweet tooth because it does taste pretty darn good while i am consuming it.  think sour stuff and super rich chocolate and milkshakes.  yum. 

the bump:  it is just there.  my ball of baby.  enough said.

cool & cute things:  baby's kidneys are fully developed and her liver can process some waste products.  yippee!  getting ready to fill those itty-bitty diapers.  basic physical development is now mostly complete.  her job in the coming weeks is to just put on weight.  home stretch.  quite literally.

new things:  things are getting tight in there. baby girl is over 18 inches long and weighs about 5 1/4 pounds.  because she is so snug in my belly, she doesn't have as much space for those dramatic somersaults anymore.  but, as she gets bigger and stronger, those kicks and punches are feeling more intense.

meaningful moments:  this was one crazy week.  somehow, in my genius, pregnancy hormone-addled, placenta brain, i scheduled a whole lotta action for this week.  i mean, i crammed it all in.  we went on our hospital tour, we met with the pediatrician, and we had another doctor appointment complete with ultrasound.  ooohhh...she is a cute one!  a cute one who really likes to suck her thumb and nibble on her fingers.  she even blinked for us and we saw her eyelashes.  eyelashes!  but i must say, in spite of the crazy scheduling, we do feel much better after this week.  more settled and resolved.  a bit more a peace.  and more eager than ever to meet our little girl!

the countdown:  35 days.  woah, folks.  that is like, a month!

current size:  a honeydew melon.  awwhh...my little honeydew.