a happy sprinkling of joy and generosity

elinor's aunt bree and honorary aunt hallie threw us a little party last weekend. well, them plus a gaggle of gals who came together to help with ideas and execution. we are so blessed to have so many creative people in our lives who wanted to share in this day. and of course, these girls went above and beyond and everything was darling.

the fête was hosted by a family friend and she let us hang out on her super-soft couches while we nibbled and noshed on tasty treats [thank you mom for making that to die for quiche and perfect fruit salad and tart lemon squares].

the shower had a bookworm theme which was seen in every detail of the day. we took home many, many books that have filled miss elinor's bookshelves. she is going to have quite the enviable library.

it was so special to have a bunch of wonderful friends around for a morning of giggling, story-sharing, and brunch-munching. baby and i feel so special. i know that elinor is already so loved and prayed for...and spoiled!

thank you, thank you!