dear peanut

you will be wearing that sweet little onesie oh so soon!

well hello.  guess what?  i got to hear your heartbeat again a few days ago.  it was as wonderful as ever.  and, it was wooshing away at a nice, strong pace.  good work.  all is well in there as far as the doctor can tell.  you are growing and seem healthy and strong.  that sweet doctor of mine made a note in my file that my "belly was measuring on the smaller side" so that i could have a medically justifiable excuse to see you again on an ultrasound!  that means that at my next appointment, your papa and i will get to see your little face more time before we get to see it in person. wahoo!  it will have been almost 17 weeks since we've seen you.  and that is much too long.  in a short while, we will be so spoiled by getting to see you ALL THE TIME.  happy day.

sweet little peanut, we love you so much. we have been thinking about you and praying for you and reading Bible stories to you.  you will be here with us so soon and we can't wait to get to know you.  we have so much to learn about you.  we have so much to learn about us.  we have so much ahead of us as we begin to understand what it means to be parents and what it means to be a family of three.

love, your mama + your papa