snaps & snippets & blurbs - double birthday edition

whew!  happy monday, folks.  time is just ticking away.  this weekend was over in a flash!  but at least it was chock full of fun moments.  we celebrated two birthdays...we enjoyed yummy food...we had a leisurely afternoon "brunch" with my mom while dad is out of town [sorry to party without you dad...but don't worry, you wouldn't have liked the menu much].  all in all.  a great time.

i have a feeling that the next few weekends are going to be similarly stuffed full of activities.  it is going to be crazy but good.

enjoy some snaps from our birthday celebration for the dynamic duo of ben's mama and his sister rach.  happy happy!

skewers and kabobs for the grill + an assortment of dips and sauces + homemade cheese straws + honey for the marinade...complete with a cute little smiley face on the lid! + beverages galore + scenes of coke sipping, goofy faces, mingling, chatting, and snacking