a labor day bash

we did some good ol' fashioned labor day celebrating on monday.  a big gathering of family and friends.  barbecued food.  potato salad.  crispy, vibrant veggies.  and some blackberry pie.  not too shabby, my friends.  i hope that your day was simply delightful.  aren't monday holidays the best?  i love an extended weekend.

happy faces + my handsome man + two lovely ladies preparing the pepper salad platter + a very serious model face + playing with the placemats + a fun surprise...baby girl's corner of the world.  a family crib, a bouncy seat, an embroidered pillow, a tiny toy, an heirloom rocking chair, and a quilt.  all ready for elinor's arrival +  peppers on a platter + barbecued goodness.  ribs and sausages + some pie a la mode