snaps & snippets & blurbs

and a very happy labor day to you.

hubby and i have thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend so far...much relaxing and enjoying and eating and laughing and chatting.  i even baked a pie for our labor day celebration!  i will let you know how it tastes and make sure to include some festive snaps from our day.  another post to come.

here's to savoring the final moments of summer.

the desert sunset + double-date night with my parents at chick rotisserie & wine bar+ happy faces + the simple and tasty menu + my parents, rocking the readers + chicken plates + our appetizer, stuffed biscuit bites filled with chorizo and manchego cheese, with garlic cream sauce + my man's dinner selection: black truffle, mesquite brined rotisserie chicken with honey truffle dipping sauce, creamed corn [chargrilled with sweet cream and mint], and whipped potatoes + holiday pie in honor of the end of summer, blackberry balsamic + the baked and finished product...complete with walnut, oat, sea salt crumble topping.  looks good...hope it tastes yummy!