dear peanut

hello, miss elinor.  i hope you are continuing to enjoy your stay in belly-land.  things are going swimmingly out in the big world.  your papa and i have been busy bees getting your room ready, reading books, making lists, meeting with pediatricians, and preparing your birth plan.  there is much to do before your arrival...but, it is all so much fun!  and, all of these new activities sure do help the weeks to pass by quickly.  can you believe that we are getting close to the 30 week mark?  that means that you will be here super soon.  how i wish we could just fast forward to your arrival.  then, hit the pause button and just savor our first moments with you.  we are so excited to experience all of the new things that you will bring to our life.  we pray that God will help us to slow down and enjoy those moments.  they will be special.

speaking of special...i just want to gush a bit about how wonderful your papa is.  he has been putting together your furniture, painting walls, lifting heavy objects for me [he recently informed me that the laundry basket is technically classified as a "heavy" item and that i should let him handle that], taking care of me, cooking for me, reading books about birthing [he is a trooper, let me tell you.  there are some bizarre terms and foreign objects on those pages], and doting on you.  the other night, i was rubbing my belly button trying to get you to wiggle for him.  he told me "oh, no, nevermind, it's okay...don't poke her little brain".  it was pretty darn cute.  inaccurate, but cute, nonetheless.  he is already so attentive and sweet.  i think he is pretty smitten with you.

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa