snaps & snippets & blurbs

what a lazy and lovely weekend we had!  filled with good food, family get-togethers, birthday celebration, some bourne action, baby room decorating, and much-needed do-nothingness.  ahhh...lovely.

happy faces + happy birthday balloons for mark's b-day + mushroom, onion, prosciutto, goat cheese tart + smoked salmon toasts with lemon horseradish creme and fresh dill + sassy family faces + some post-grocery shopping shakes from whole foods...kale, strawberries, acai, spirulina, flax, almond milk, and dark chocolate + the fantasmagorical wall o' prints for miss elinor's room + yummiest cream cheese EVER + a random plate of deliciousness for lunch + my hubby's plate of heirloom tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and balsamic drizzle + grabbing some lush burger after bourne legacy + cookies and cream shake + basket of fries + the dogpile.  coco likes to sleep on charlie's lap.  those buddies... + the most amazing ice cream sandwich in the land!  chocolate chips cookies with brown butter candied bacon ice cream from cool haus.  just. so. good.  thank you, whole foods frozen department for bringing this into our life.