dear peanut

oh, baby girl.  your room is just so darn cute!  you have gold polka dots on your wall!  your papa has lovingly assembled your furniture to ensure that you have a place to sleep and a place to organize all your teeny-tiny clothes.  we are having a blast preparing for your arrival.  and, we have had so many kind words and offers to help from friends and family.  you sure are loved.

your furry siblings, charlie and coco have been hanging out in your room too.  coco has been "helping" us with the polka dots.  i would get one placed and then she would try to snatch it off the wall and nibble on it.  she really likes those golden circles of yours.  charlie...oh charlie...well, he just knows that something is up.  he has noticed that we are spending more time in your room and he knows that it isn't for him.  there has been a lot of paw-stomping and grumbling from that one.  but don't worry, i know that he will adore you and love to cuddle with you once he finally meets you in person.  he just needs some time to adjust to the idea.

in other news, we successfully survived the glucose test!  wahoo!  as you know, it was gross and it was waaaayyy too much sugar.  sorry about that.  but, we got through it and can just settle in and enjoy the final weeks together, gestational diabetes free.  i have another appointment to check in on you in a few weeks.  then, we are scheduled for every two weeks until your arrival.  wow.  time is just flying by.  and i am just itching for the fall to arrive.  we can't wait to meet you soon.


all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa