snaps & snippets & blurbs

this weekend was a whole lot of nesting and not a lotta resting.  but, it sure was fun!  we did manage to sneak in a movie date and some olympics watching when we weren't busy in baby girl's room.  all in all, no complaints here! ready to tackle a new week AND we have promised ourselves that we are going to plan a whole lotta nothing for next weekend, peppered with a few strategic interactions and amusements.

i kicked off the weekend by taking that dreaded, icky glucose junk.  yuck.  that stuff burns!  who knew that sugar could taste so horrible? + welcoming the weekend [and getting rid of the glucose taste in my mouth] with a dirty pizza night + bagel deliciousness + getting ready to watch some olympics + playing with rach & nate's puppy, banjo.  look at that sweet face!

and now...i bring you...

the nursery nest-fest.

the crib in bits and pieces + a pile of baby-ness waiting to be organized and arranged + books and decor for the bookshelves + pillows for the rocking chair + arranging the prints, pre-framing + my sweet hubby assembling the dresser [he's a keeper] + the focal wall post polka-dotting + more assembly + a real, live crib!  just waiting for a baby... + a corner shot of the crib, the wall, the dresser, and the augusta flowers and foliage print.

it is coming together...