dear peanut

hi baby girl.  three. more. months.  i cannot believe it.  you are going to be here so soon!  we are in the homestretch, little one.  and speaking of are definitely growing and stretching more these days [and so is my tummy skin].  i can feel your movements more and more.  sometimes you give me a surprise karate kick or somersault that makes me want to giggle.  it is so strange and wonderful to feel you moving around in there.  i'm sure you are just anxious to come out and meet everyone.

you must be sensing our increasing excitement.  the decorating has begun.  paint is on the wall.  drapes are up.  your crib arrives this week.  your dresser too.  we even have some tiny outfits that are ready to be placed in the drawers.  things are coming together.  and we are thrilled.  your papa and i are having a blast putting all of the bits and pieces in place.  and i am enjoying all the planning and list making that i get to do.  we are collecting books and prints and pillows and knickknacks.  you are our new favorite thing to shop for.  even when we were out shopping on my birthday, i found myself wandering into a baby clothing store to pick up tiny sweaters and socks for you.  AND, we still have baby showers to come!  the planning for those has started and i am feeling so overwhelmed by the outpouring of blessings, prayers, and encouragement.  you have so many people who want to be a part of welcoming you to the world.  know that you are loved by many, little girl.

what a great time.  thank you for all of the memories and meaning and love that you have brought to our lives already.  soli Deo gloria.

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa