snaps & snippets & blurbs

i'm it really monday already?  what happened people?  this weekend went by much too quickly.  probably because we had back-to-back stuff planned.  and, the nesting is in full swing so i have been making lists and planning weekend projects pretty hard-core.  [sorry ben]  but, in spite of the lack of relaxation and downtime, it was a great couple of days.  and, i am starting the week feeling fairly accomplished.

happy weekend faces + a vintage copy of chitty chitty bang bang for baby girl's library + i went for a quick trip to world market to grab some items for the nursery and left with all of these naughty goodies.  but i came home to a very happy hubby.  all of his favorites! + the new fiona apple was this weekend's soundtrack + random bits for baby girl...finials for the drape rods, a bird pillow cover, and a bright sketchbook + a stop for 32 ounces of decaf iced coffee goodness.  my beverage of choice for running errands in the hot az sun + a little lunch date at shogun + crazy faced chopstick man + spicy tuna sushi + a platter of fried goodness with dipping sauces + more happy faces + grabbing dinner at jersey mike's after catching a matinée of the dark knight + my man's cheesy, melty reuben + limited batch, key lime pie ice cream care of my boys ben & jerry + my man and his "super stoked to drive to florence" face + the ominous clouds lingering over the mountains + our florence desitnaion...the windmill winery.  site of my sister's upcoming nuptials.  so worth the drive through creepyville, az to get to this cool location + ben trying to hide from the rain AND from all the wedding planning jargon.