dear peanut

you and me [and fred the frog necklace]

hello there, baby girl.  what a crazy week we had in sedona!  your mama was quite active and so were you.  we went on long hikes together and even climbed to the top of devil's bridge to take in the view from on top of the arch.  your papa was less than thrilled with our daredevil ways... but you seemed to enjoy it all.  you even treated me to multiple dance parties, somersault fests, and swimming sessions.  it has been so much fun to feel you move and shake.  sometimes, when you really get going, it feels like you swish your way to the top of my belly and then cannonball to the bottom making my stomach drop.  i'm glad you are having fun in there.  and, i am glad that you are getting strong enough for your papa to feel you too.  he likes to put his hand on my belly at bedtime while he reads our evening devotions.  bedtime is one of your busy times.  i think you like the sound of papa's voice as he reads to us.  won't it be fun to get to hold you at nighttime and read to you once you are here?  we can't wait.

last week, a bunch of fun art and prints that i ordered for your room arrived.  and we have started little stacks of goodies for you to enjoy.  i hope you like it all.  we plan to paint your room soon and officially kick-off the decorating.  it is going to be so much fun to collect things and select things and place things.  we want your room to be a special little haven for you.  a place where you can rest.  a place where your papa can read to you.  a place where you are cuddled and rocked and loved.  a place where we can pray over you and sing to you.  this is so much fun!

the weeks are flying by and i can't believe that we will get to meet you in a little over three months.  wow.  you are so loved.  your birth is so anticipated.  your parents feel so blessed.

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa