a week in sedona...part 1

well, we are back.  ben and i [and baby girl, of course] just wrapped up our week away in sedona.  it was marvelous.  cooler weather.  lots of outdoor time.  hiking.  swimming.  reading.  relaxing.  wandering.  sight-seeing.  game-playing.  movie-watching.  and plenty of eating.  and yes, we even made s'mores.  just what the doctor ordered.  we returned home feeling refreshed with a hint of sadness that vacation was over.

we got some great snaps during our week away that i am excited to share.  plus, it is fun to kind of relive the week through a pictorial tour.  i must warn you - there are a lot of pictures.  AND, even more to come tomorrow.

here are some of my favorite miscellaneous images from sedona.  consider this a quick overview of the week.  tomorrow's post will be dedicated to scenery and hiking adventures...


a quick little car ride to sedona + dinner at oaxaca + us + cute little flowers + taking in the view + mr. bearded man + the gals posing with an indian chief wood sculpture + cool trees + the farmers market in flagstaff + the petting zoo at the farmers market...baby goat, duck, piglet, and chickens! + a quick detour to grab lunch with an old friend at lumberyard brewing company in flagstaff + the ominous clouds before an afternoon shower + grandma horr's...fudge, cookies, and caramel apples.  yum!  plus, what a funny name for a fudge shop + off for a dinner date + oak creek brewing company + pretzels with fondue + sausage and kraut + the view from the hotel patio + shuffleboard in the game room + waiting for lunch at the haunted hamburger in jerome + s'mores + muddy hiking shoes post oak creek hike + baby girl and me on one of our hikes + our happy faces