dear peanut

you have probably noticed a bit of a shift in our daily routine.  that's because we are spending this week on vacation in sedona.  we have been outdoors a lot and keeping busy.  i hope you are enjoying all of the fresh air, cooler weather, good food, relaxation, and activities as much as i am.  it feels pretty good to move around and explore nature and take walks.  you seem especially lively.  this time away is also affording you the chance to experience a bit of what you can expect from your family once you arrive.  we like to eat.  we like to laugh.  and your grandpa whitehouse likes to take us on crazy hikes.  it is a fun life.  and you already fit right in.

this vacation time has also allowed your papa and i some time away.  away from the routine.  away from work.  away from the usual.  away from "the world".  we have been able to really focus and pray and recharge.  what a special time.  to be able to sit quietly with each other and with our Savior to thank Him and talk to Him and learn about Him.  we have also been spending a lot of time talking to Him about you.  you are such a sweet blessing to us and we pray that we can be wise stewards of His gift as we train you up in Him.  what a big responsibility.  what a remarkable honor.  God has chosen us to be your parents.  we feel overwhelmed by His goodness.

i hope that you are enjoying this time of invigorating rest.  we love you dearly, sweet one.  stay happy and healthy.

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa