6 years

well, words are kind of inadequate when it comes to expressing the joy of our sixth anniversary together.  we took a trip to our wedding location, the royal palms, for a reminiscent stroll and an incredible dinner at t.cook's.  it was pretty spectacular, as always.


memorable baubles: my favorite gold bangles mixed with an anniversary gift from ben and my wedding day jewelry + happiness + the scenery and ambiance of royal palms, a perfectly inmate mediterranean oasis + the estrella salon, location of the reception + the fireplace that served as the altar for our wedding + a rose petal decorated menu + my handsome husband + the best pesto and bread i have ever had.  i never turn it down + our appetizer, chef lee’s carbonara: garlic cream, prosciutto, pancetta, parmesan cheese & egg yolk + my man's dinner of duck l'orange served with candied orange, asparagus, thyme fondant potatoes & traditional sauce + my beef tenderloin served with horseradish gratin, demi glace, carrots, and roasted pearl onions + dessert!  [pay no attention to the "happy 5th anniversary" part...even the best places get it wrong sometimes] brown sugar butterscotch creme caramel: baked custard topped with salted dulce de leche, served with s'more macaroons