snaps & snippets & blurbs

this was kind of a weird weekend for us...hubby was in san diego visiting his buds for some pre-wedding boy time so that left me and the buddies for a weekend of chick flicks (sorry charlie man) and naps.  i also got a pedicure!  and enjoyed a dinner date / chat session with my friend hallie.  i was pretty lazy, i must say.  but i thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation.

welcome, new week!

heading out for dinner with my friend + that's right...zinburger AGAIN + those amazing truffle fries + a bunless just wanted a pile of meat and cheese + adorable miss hallie enjoying her cookies and cream shake.  yum!  and a chocolate shake for me [not pictured] + relaxing after dinner with some teavana iced tea + sitting outdoors, enjoying the scenery and lighted trees + coco all curled up in her favorite fuzzy blanket + intently watching miss congeniality [i was in a sandra bullock movie mood] + charlie taking cover from all the girly activities.  such a good sport and such a sweet cuddly lap buddy

stay tuned for a weekend update post...hubby style