we know something you don't know...the nana nana boo boo post

when hubby and i have something to celebrate...we head over to royal palms.  it was the site of our wedding almost six years ago and it is our go-to destination for all things memory-making.

what exactly are we celebrating? well, we had an ultrasound yesterday and have a happy healthy baby!  wahoo!  9 ounces and quite active.  AND...we know what the gender is!

such a vivid and picturesque setting.  like a mediterranean dreamland oasis in the middle of the arizona desert...sigh + t.cook's + some refreshments...sparking water with lime for me and a julep-esque beverage for him + happy & smooches + enjoying a meal of yummy appetizers in the laid-back lounge + grilled bread with brie and jalapeno jelly + grilled shrimp street tacos with crispy onions + spinach and artichoke raviolis with the BEST marinara dipping sauce + what a relaxing a celebratory evening together


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