dear peanut

so...this is going to be a big month for us.  you are going to almost double in size.  and i get the feeling that i am too.  i have been feeling you move a lot more these days and it is so much fun.  a couple of nights ago, you really surprised me with some major somersault action.  i really felt it.  it wasn't a subtle flutter, i was a major movement.  i think you are just showing off your new joint-bending skills.  and your papa and i can't wait for the real show in a month or so...when we can both see and feel your kicks.

well, this is the big week.  we have an ultrasound appointment and are crossing our fingers that you aren't crossing your legs.  i can't believe we will know soon!  everyone is so excited.  i am not sure why, but i have been feeling like you might be a girl.  this is based on nothing scientific or even old wives' tales.  i just have felt that way recently.  i guess i will know soon!

keep growing and stay healthy!  i hope you like spicy food, cheese, burgers, salads, and chocolate häagen-dazs because i am digging into a lot of that these days.  i'm sure if you aren't pleased with something that you will let me know.  see you soon, little one.

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa