food & giggle

one of my favorite outings is a lunch date with my mom...especially to true food.  that restaurant is definitely a mainstay.  to make it extra fun, my mom and i decided to grab a later lunch and then head over to giggle to do some baby browsing.  and since hubby gets off of work earlier in the day [thank you 5am wake up time!] he was able to meet up with us for some looking around the this infant/toddler dreamland.  so many cute things and fun ideas.  there were some displays that were overwhelming...i mean, how many designer burp cloths does one child really need?  but overall, it was so much fun to pick up tiny shoes, check out fabulous cribs, see the latest in high chair technology, play with strollers, and cuddle with stuffed animals.  babies are pretty fun.  i foresee many more lunchtime outings with my mom in the coming months...

the yummy menu + my lovely mom + fun conversation + my moroccan chicken salad sandwich + mom's noodles + a perfect dessert...olive oil cake, fresh berries, and greek yogurt + giggle time + ben checking out the goods + the sweetest little swaddlers

how do you make a gif at

having some fun test-driving the gliders.  mom grabbed some props so i could "get a feel for it".  what do you think it will be...boy?  girl?  puppy?  [okay, probably not a puppy.  but we didn't want our furry babies to feel left out]