dear peanut

this is starting to feel more real.  i am proudly sporting a little bump and i am spreading on the shea butter every day to help with all that stretching that is about to happen.  you are growing at a much faster pace now.  i am doing my best to keep up.  these next few months are going to be big ones...the excitement [and my belly] is growing. your papa and i went on a little trip to look at some baby goodies.  it was pretty exciting to pick up tiny little outfits and know that a little one would soon be here to fill them.  so tiny and so sweet.  i naturally gravitate toward the girl stuff [because, well, that's what i am used to] but i am an equal-opportunity shopper who is also pretty enamored with tiny baseball hats and onesies with bowties.  we can't wait to start buying you cute little clothes and all of the fun gear.  speaking of gear...i have been doing some preliminary maternity clothes browsing.  with all your growth, i know that i will be in new clothes anytime now.  thanks for the excuse to get a new wardrobe!

the rest of your family has been planning for your arrival as well.  grandma and grandpa ridley are already on baby store email lists and planning which high chair they want and grandma and grandpa whitehouse have set aside a little corner of their room that has been designated as "the nursery".  everyone is so excited to welcome you and make you feel at home.

for now, keep growing and moving...i love feeling those flutters and your papa is excited to get in on it in the coming months when you really start kicking.  you are in our prayers and know that your Heavenly Father is doing a great work to prepare you for life outside my belly.  we can't wait!

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa