dear peanut

yup.  the bump is here.  it is so exciting but i am still not quite sure what to do with it.  i feel a bit outside of myself.  it is so strange to look down and see that tiny little bump and think "there is a tiny person in there!"  this whole pregnancy thing is kind of a big deal.  it isn't just growing a is a new life.  a new adventure.  i am no longer someone's daughter or friend or co-worker or sister or wife...i am going to be someone's mother.  sometimes i am just overwhelmed by the thought that i am going to be a mama.  that not only do i get to watch as you develop inside but that very soon, you will be here and i will be able to watch you develop as you walk through life.  your papa and i are so excited.  we are so grateful.  we keep praying for the wisdom needed to train you up in the way you should go.  that our lives may point you to Christ.  that you may fall in love with Jesus and walk with Him.  ultimately, you are His.  you are a precious, precious gift to us. i have been feeling happy and healthy...trying to keep up the exercise and stretching to help with blood flow, endorphins, and flexibility.  i know that you are getting ready for a big growth spurt in the coming months so i want to do all that i can to make that a comfortable experience.  take it easy on my ligaments, little one.

i am feeling your little baby bubble, butterfly flutters more frequently now.  it is so much fun!  i think your papa is getting jealous that he can't feel you yet but i told him "all in good time" for those crazy kick attacks.  won't that be fun!

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa