dear peanut

dear peanut,

welcome to the last week of our first trimester.  hurray!  i can't believe that we are one-third of the way there.  it has gone by so quickly yet so slowly.  it feels like you should be here much sooner than november.  we are excited to meet you soon.  but, we have much to do before your arrival to prepare our home and prepare our hearts.  plus, you have much more growing and developing to do.

your papa and i have been doing some reading and have plans to do much more so that we can have some tricks up our sleeves upon your arrival.  we know that you will change everything and take us down unfamiliar paths on this great, new adventure.  no matter what we think we know, we will be stretched and challenged.  but we want to be as prepared as possible to nurture you. we will keep growing in knowledge and pray that God will increase our wisdom that we may discern how to apply that knowledge once your tiny life is placed in our hands from Him.  we cherish you as a gift and know that you are His.  we are so honored and humbled that God has chosen us to be your parents.  our prayer is that we will be good stewards of His gift.

i pulled out a few little baby things that i purchased for you long ago.  they have been stashed away until we found out that you were on your way.  and now, we get to start playing and planning.  this is just the beginning of so much fun as we await your birth.

so far, you have been so kind to me.  no sickness or food aversions or anything.  thank you.  i know that this kind of easy-peasy pregnancy is not afforded to everyone.  i count my blessings every day for health.  i do know that you seem to like spicy food, asian noodles, chocolate ice cream, buttery popcorn, meat, sour candy, and all things cheese.  that's a pretty nice assortment and i am trying to do all things in moderation [especially the ice cream and candy].  i do hope that you have a mature and cultured palate like your papa.  maybe you will even like olives and tomatoes and cucumbers and bananas and cilantro!

keep growing.  stay healthy.  keep moving and shaking.  all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa