breakfast for dinner

is there anything better?

now, while hubby and i do enjoy some tasty morning grub on the weekends, our weekday morning routine usually consists of some quick eggs, grapefruit, smoothies, or granola.  something healthy that i can quickly pull together while i am still trying to pull myself together at 5:30 in the morning. [hurray for working when the market works!]  this usually means that the more elaborate meals have to be saved for saturday morning...or, dinnertime!

there is something comforting about coming home from a long day at work and having the ol' olfactory greeted by the aroma of bacon.  this week, we cooked up some turkey bacon and piled it high on top of a crispy fried egg.  then, we covered it in sharp cheddar and let it melt until it became one smother-y pile of goodness in the pan.  once the meat and eggs and cheese were steaming hot, super crispy, and extra oozey...the tasty concoction was delicately placed between a freshly toasted [and buttered] gluten-free bagel.

oh. my.  what a heavenly little sandwich.