the casablancas at blanco

ben & rachel whitehouse took a little trip to blanco tacos + tequila.  it is another favorite of ours.  bustling atmosphere.  perfect chips and salsa (not too much cilantro!  cilantro, yuck).  clean and flavorful food.  this place is so good.  plus, because we live in a lovely climate, the front of the restaurant has these garage doors that roll up and stay open about 95% of the year.  this makes for a breezy and al fresco-esque dining experience.  so nice. and boy oh boy, did we munch on some tasty grub.

driving to date happy to spend time with my hubby enjoying some modern mexican fare in this casual-chic setting + ahhh...there she is + super cool decor with the most fantastic mosaic tile wall! + my handsome hubby + eagerly awaiting our entrees + the menu + oh-so-good chips and salsa [bottomless!] + baja chicken tacos with grilled onions and peppers, shredded cabbage, and cotija cheese...with a side of black beans and buttered rice


it was a good night.  i love dates.