snaps & snippets & blurbs

this was a good one.  the perfect mix of time with friends and time with just our little family.  ben and i were feeling fairly tired by the end of last week so a low-key weekend at home was just what the doctor ordered.  little things like watching a movie together and enjoying some home-cooked meals always seem extra-special when you have had a busy week.  so here is a very simple collection of our favorite snaps from our lazy little weekend.  don't worry - i have more lively pics to share tomorrow from my office bowling party on friday.

so happy together + the buddies' waggily tails and puppy dog faces, hoping that one of us will drop a tasty morsel for them to devour.  no such luck + driving around in the arizona sun + rocking some pink lipstick + a stop at penzey's spices for some flavorful goods + the penzey's bumper sticker. too cute + list in hand...ready to shop it up at whole foods AND sprouts.  double whammy + going green at whole excited for st. paddy's day!  going to make some super-delicious steak and guinness stew with mounds of seaside foam cheddar + miss coco chillin' with her buddy + a bit of morning reading from the library of c.s. lewis + ticket for the chorale concert that ben accompanied + one of my absolute favorite meals...hubby's huevos rancheros.  oh. my. goodness. + our version of shrimp 'n grits...spicy shrimp with mashed navy beans, carmelized onions, and cheddar + coco's sleepy little face...we were very lazy and it felt so good.