contemplations of mr. charles

good day, fine people.  today, i would like to discuss a little thing called bathtime.  every so often, i am forced to participate in this ritual.  the signs are clear:  towels, shampoo, brush, running water, and the removal of my collar.  these all point to one end - bathtime.  i am actually a pretty good sport, all things considered.  i straddle the sink and stand patiently as my mom lathers and rinses.  sure, the warm water feels nice and i even get to enjoy a mini massage.  and, i won't even complain about the brushing and drying.  but, the whole process is still an inconvenience to me.  sometimes, i get soap in my mouth [see picture number four above].  sometimes, i have to get my nails clipped. sometimes, it takes way too long to brush out my ears to get rid of the knots and make them extra fluffy.  the grooming experience can be an annoyance.

however, during this weekend's bathtime, my mom reminded me of the needtobreathe song, washed by the water...

even when the rain falls, even when the flood starts rising, even when the storm comes, i am washed by the water.

this did make me stop and ponder [i had plenty of pondering time while mom was drying and brushing and fluffing and coiffing] the idea of bathtime.  i started thinking about it in a new light.  even though the water can be inconvenient, bothersome, or even still washes.  sure, i may not always enjoy it, but the result is a clean, new me.  i do feel much better after a bath.  and it does feel good to be all shiny and bright and fresh.  i will remember this next time mom starts running the water in the sink...even when the faucet is turned on, even when the water fills the sink, even when i get water in my eyes...i am washed by the water.  it is good to be clean.