the saturday evening post

it has been a busy week.  this gal is ready to relax...thank goodness for a long weekend.  now we can really kick back.  yippee!

we went out on our valentines-date-night-out last night.  and boy, was it good.  and yes, i plan to provide a pictorial review next week.

the rest of the weekend is shaping up to be an enchanting combination of outdoors, the couch, reading, buddy-cuddling, groceries, cooking, laughing, learning, and relaxing.  that's the stuff that great weekends are made of folks!  plus, i do plan to carve out some time for a project that requires my creative attention...

since we have been experiencing some delightfully cool weather 'round here i am hoping for some rain this weekend.  [pretty please...?]  rainy days are just the best and since they are rare for us in az, i try to especially cherish them when they arrive.  and i would particularly cherish some rain this weekend.  you see, hubby and i just got our hands on season 1 and season 2 of downton abbey so some dreary clouds would actually serve as a picturesque backdrop.  watching masterpiece just isn't as enjoyable when it is sunny outside.  you need some of that british gloom to get the full effect.  here's hoping for some clouds and raindrops to accompany our down time with downton.


happy saturday!