a bowl + bowls of food

oh, the super bowl.  always a lovely excuse to gather together and eat. this year, families converged on the whitehouse residence for an afternoon of snacking, laughing, chatting, rooting, yelling, and celebrating.  it was a good time.  and, since i was raised a yankee fan [boo red sox] it only made sense to cheer for new york.  we were quite pleased with the outcome.  go giants!

hubby and i rocking the giants blue + the party begins + my parents in their matching roots canada hockey garb [if giants gear cannot be found, wear any sports apparel you've got!] + chips and guacamole and veggies and coleslaw [and yes, that is purple cauliflower you see...only the fanciest cruciferous veg for our super bowl menu] + snacking and watching the game + hubby and i during a couple of tense moments + victory!