the thing that i need

NEED.  such a little word.  yet, such an elaborate concept.  what do i really need?  too often, i play pretty fast and loose with that word.  i need a break.  i need that necklace.  i need that [insert name of newest and coolest thing here] i need to work out more.  i need a burger.  i need more money.  i need a vacation.  i need those shoes.  and on and on and on... but, what do i really need?

time for a bit of biblical recalibration. [yet again]  rachel, what you really need is Christ.  Christ alone.  once again, i was inspired by the lyrics of dc*b.  [i know that i have posted excessively about dc*b...but, i am an unabashed fan.  deal with it people.  plus, they debuted at #2 on billboard's top 200.  nestled between adele and the black keys.  awesome.  so, this is kind of like a tribute/congratulatory post.]


as i listened to let me feel you shine this morning, i couldn't help but turn it up extra loud and hit the repeat button.  i just sang it at the top of my lungs.  my completely undignified and not-so-quiet quiet time with God.   just me and Jesus...and the buddies who had the distinct pleasure of witnessing this display [i am pretty sure i saw charlie give coco a sideways glance as if to say "there she goes again..."]

this is my most ardent plea and veritable declaration:

this place is trying to break my belief.  but my faith is bigger than all i can see.  what i need is redemption.  what i need is for You for to put me back on my feet.  i swear i'm trying to give everything.  but i feel i'm falling, oh make me believe.  what I need is resurrection.  what I need is for You to put me back on my feet.  i lift the knife to the thing i love most.  praying You'll come so i can have both.  what i need is for You to touch me.  what i need is for You to be the thing that i need.  if i could feel You shine your perpetual light.  then maybe i could crawl out of this tonight.  if i could feel You feel You shine, oh let me feel You shine.  so beautiful and warm, so beautiful and bright.  like a sun comin' out of a rainy sky, oh let me feel You shine.

{what i need is for You to be the thing that i need}