give us rest

with the release of dc*b's final album, give us rest (a requiem mass in c [the happiest of all keys]), i have not only been spending a lot of time soaking in spectacular music, i have also been thinking a lot about the idea of rest.  there is a reason why the band chose to use the image of a hummingbird on the album cover.  and i can relate to that little guy... 

like the hummingbird, i often feverishly flutter my wings and stay suspended in a hovering mode.  but so often, i just flap away, never really getting anywhere.  becoming utterly fatigued by all the exertion.  but this is not the true purpose of that little winged creature.  i do not want to be a feckless flutterer.  i want to always be constantly moving, with intent.  allowing my Creator to uplift me.  hovering in a meaningful way as i drink the nectar of the Most High.  being wholly sustained by Him.  the meaning of rest is not that my wings cease to beat; rather, rest is found when i understand who it is that strengthens my wings and enables my flight.  He is my buttress.  i am able to find rest in Him as i soak up all of His goodness and grace.  an active rest.  a happy rest.  a true rest.

*again, let me personally recommend the vinyl + cd bundle of give us rest.  grab yourself a record player and join the cool kids in listening to music the old school way.