snaps & snippets & blurbs

a few of our favorite snaps from the week

mom-in-law had an art showing at scottsdale artists' school.  she was named as a best and brightest artist.  a thrilling honor.  hurray for amy!  two of her pieces were on display so hubby and i spent the evening meadering through halls of art and mingling with all the creatives.  it was a great time.

a little plug...check out all of amy's artwork at her blog.  make sure to buy a few so that your walls can look beauteous.

we also welcomed a new friend.  she is utterly fabulous and gets along famously in our home.  however, a bit of rearranging and redecorating was in order to really make her feel welcome.  below are the results of our decor tweaking...

happy friday to all!  savor each little moment this weekend. toodle-oo!