how great

i'm so bored of little gods / while standing on the edge of something large / while standing here, so close to You / we could be consumed / what a glorious day i give up, i lay down / rest my face upon this ground / lift my eyes to Your sky / rid my heart of all i hide / so sweet this surrender

how great Your love for us / how great our love for You / that grace could cover us / how great Your love

how marvelous, how brilliantly / luminous, You shine on me / and who can fail to give You awe / to fear You, God, so sovereign and strong

what a glorious day / what a wonderful day, today / what a glorious day / what a wonderful day, today / glorious day

what a great way to start the day.  a little crowder.  i first swooned for dc*b in 2002 while attending baylor university in waco, tx [sic 'em!].  this is the birthplace of the band.  the guys were baylor bear buddies who attended ubc [university baptist church] together and led worship.  that's right!  this amazing crew started out singing hymns of the faith with a bunch of college kids [myself included].  i was oh-so-blessed to be able to be led to the Throne by the dc*b and attend free concerts on baylor's campus [chapel, the breathe conference, etc.]  it was a marvelous time.  soon after, the band hooked up with louis giglio [and the passion conference] and the rest, as they say, is history.

i have been listening to dc*b for years.  they have helped shape not only my musical interests but my passion for my Lord.  certain songs like how great, obsession, come and listen, our happy home, my hope, i need words, rain down, oh happiness, and sms (shine) are spiritual staples.  they even do a fabulous job of interpreting classic hymns, spirituals, and songs of the faith.  [i want their southern hoedown rendition of i'll fly away to be played at my funeral.  seriously]

such reverence, truth, beauty, and passion.  [plus, the sunsets & sushi cd is a great workout companion]

sadly, the band is celebrating its final album.  i have the entire collection and can't wait to round it all out with the new one, give us rest.  this is a requiem mass and is sure to be amazing.  if i might, i recommend purchasing the cd + vinyl set.  it will be a classic for years.  i have mine on pre-order.  can't wait!