the gallery

as you might have noticed from pictures of our home, we are old-fashioned at heart.  we decorate with leather-bound, gold-embossed books, musical do-dads, and art.  i married into a very artistic and musical family.  [the whitehouses, as a bunch, are quite superb: artists, pianists, cellists, violinists, singers, dancers, and even the occasional plucking and strumming of the mandolin]  our home is filled with sounds of classical music and our walls are filled with incredible artwork from artists that we are blessed to be related to and friends with.  this fanciful world of music and art has long been fascinating to me.  i have always gazed and wondered from afar.  what an interesting and refined existence, i observed. now that i am a whitehouse, i get to observe it all up close.  i don't really participate in it much but i can sit back and drink it all in.  and, i like to think that i add a bit of effervescence with my own little quirks and giftings.  i'm sure they get a kick out of the girl who can't read music and was raised on lionel richie.  the ridley family is a little bit like the cosby family.  lots of life lessons and laughter and jazz.  and yes, obnoxious sweaters included.  it was a pretty great way to grow up, but it is fun to be a part of this brave new world [hope you caught the nerdy music reference]

hubby and I are so blessed to have an artist in the family.  my mom-in-law is a gifted artist.  that means that our walls are never bare.  each and every space has been given a special piece of art to display.  [how posh are we?]

take a look at just a few of her pieces of art:

if you want to see more, check out her blog:

if you are interesting in purchasing her pieces OR if you are in the phoenix, az area and are looking for private art lessons [or piano lessons, for that matter.  that's right.  she does it all] just send her an email at