hey!  thanks coco! miss marple [another random nickname that we gave her.  agatha christie anyone?] was a major monkey this morning.  [also, monkey is another nickname.  i'm not sure why we gave our dogs actual names since it seems as though we call them everything but.  however, did you know that the word coco in portuguese means "monkey face".  gosh, we are super smart.]

so, i have posted before about all of coco's issues.  she is a bit crazy.  and one of her problems is a battle with bulimia.  that's right!  coco was a runt and she now has trouble keeping weight on.  but she is very self-conscious about her little figure.  hubby and i don't really love seeing her tiny ribs protruding from her fur so we try all that we can to fatten her up.  but, she is on to us.  every time she starts gaining a bit of weight, she starts her regime of wandering around the house licking every fuzzy surface that she can find.  yup.  the carpet.  rugs.  pillows.  blankets.  couches.  clothing.  anything.  why?  well, in her little brain it is simple.  if i can create a massive hairball, it will make me sick to my stomach and i will cough it up!  problem solved.  the result is a massive hairball on the floor [or sometimes in her bed.  that's right.  this has happened a few times.  it is somewhat cyclical in nature.  hmmm...perhaps it is a form of puppy pms?] as a warm up to the main event - throwing up her breakfast.  lovely.

so, that's what i did this morning.  blerg.  i am hoping for a better afternoon.  we have much to do and the buddies need to be in fine form for their Christmas garb.  gotta be festively dressed for dinner and it's a wonderful life with the family tonight!