o tannenbaum, o tolkien

on the tenth date of Christmas... sitting by our lovely earthy, natural [earthy and natural in decoration.  it is definitely a faux] Christmas tree.  sipping egg nog. [or, the nog of an egg as hubby calls it.  too cute]  enjoying our crackling wick, winter candle from restoration hardware.

what makes this scene even better?  middle earth.  hobbits.  elves.  one ring.  that's right, folks.  hubby and i randomly decided that it had been too long since our last LOTR fix.  so, we popped in the fellowship of the ring and savored each tolkien-tastic moment.

and since we are busy people with much to do this time of year, you can bet that we will be spending the next few nights doing this exact same thing as we spread out the LOTR goodness into bite-sized, post-work installments.  good times.