long time, no blog

ooph. sorry for the silence. took a bit of an unintended blog break there. it is amazing how quickly a month can fly by. you guys...elinor's birthday is in less than a month. thanksgiving is SEVEN WEEKS FROM TODAY. and then, it will be christmas in the twinkling of jolly old saint nick's eye. i am already talking about 2017, for pete's sake.

so, how's it going? what's new with you?

we have been busy with autumnal activities and all that good stuff. lots of coffee and outdoor time and consumption of gourds. oh yeah, and i had a five day jaunt to las vegas for a work function. crazy times but so so good. oh! and i am working on a super fun project with a friend of mine that should pop up this month. more on that later...

i will get back to more regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. for today, enjoy a smattering of recent snaps.