breakfast in the classroom

IMG_5884 i have posted about this fabulous Valley of the Sun United Way program before, and i am so honored to share my continued partnership with VSUW to spread the word about #breakfastintheclassroom.

we are in the middle of their summertime campaign aimed at increasing awareness about BIC and raising funds to support schools/students/families. in addition to loving the heart of this program, i am so excited that #edwardjones will be so generously matching donations! many of you know that ben works for EJ so i love seeing his company giving back and contributing to our community in this way. and truly, the money raised by VSUW makes a meaningful difference. setting up a school for a year of breakfast in the classroom can happen pretty quickly when many people come together to share and give. you, me, us.

i hope you'll check out the link (to their brand new site) and read more about the program and maybe donate a little something. it's a little something that goes a long way and does a lot of good. 

link to the site:

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