celebrating ridley's first birthday

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what a blast we had on saturday, celebrating ridley's first birthday. and as it should be, i think the birthday boy had the most fun of all. he reveled in the attention and singing and hot dog eating and TOYS! so many cool toys. planes, trains, automobiles. transportation in all its forms. and balls. ridley received a fabulous ball collection. and books and the cutest duds.

i think the party was just his style. a bunch of people gathered around without too much fuss or attention - just enough for him to turn on the charm and show off a bit. he is such an entertainer, this one. he's happiest at home. and with food. and with his toys. so that's what we did. we got to eat hot dogs (in fitting with the baseball theme) and everyone sipped sodas and cracked peanuts and gobbled up popcorn. and then elinor helped open presents while ridley jumped right into playtime. he was a happy boy. and he has been tossing balls and vrooming cars and trains and boats around the house ever since. he's the best. and if the past few days are any indication of how age one will be, then we are in for a treat.


happy birthday, little prince. we ALL love you.