a decade of marriage

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and in Him all things hold together / colossians 1:17

a decade of marriage, my beloved. double digits. we are playing in the big leagues now. it feels like yesterday that we said I DO. and yet, it feels like we have experienced a lifetime together already. memories. moments. new things. lessons learned. joys experienced. immense sorrows shared. trials. tribulations. tough stuff. ugly stuff. beauty. grace immeasurable. cups overflowing with blessings. building a family together. forging an eternal bond. strengthening. deepening. richening. enriching.

ten years of love in all its forms – flirty and playful and romantic and sweet and fierce and sacrificial and forbearing and resilient.

it's a honor to walk with you. to be your partner and friend. to wrestle with difficult things. to enjoy the pleasures of this life.

praise God for his faithfulness. praise God that He sustains us. i pray that He continues to strengthen our union and enrich our witness.

the best is yet to come.

je t'aime beaucoup. faisons la fête! à bientôt, paris!