oh, snap!

IMG_2702 we are having a bunch of "behind the scenes" fun over on snapchat. if you are playing in that sandbox, i would love to be buds. and if you haven't taken the plunge, you totally should. it's a little less curated and a whole lot more le quotidien, if you will. you can add me by username (madameswanky) or just screenshot that image up top and add a friend by snapcode. super cool and super easy.

don't expect anything too inventive or outlandish or consistent. when i do snap, it's mostly cute captures of the little ones and food and occasional #randomrachel moments. i am no pro (seriously, though...there are some amazing snapchat artists and creative folks using the platform with such panache!) but it is a fun place to play and i am all for some of that. aaaand i would love to hear any recommendations for "must follow" accounts. it's fun to see the crazy things that people come up with... and you know that anyone who shows a lot of tasty food will make my list.

but for anyone that is like, "um, no thanks...no snap for moi" then i thought i would share just a few of my favorite recent snaps. snapchat 101: the platform lets you take images or quick videos and either share them directly with friends or you can share them with all the people who follow you and build out more of a story. you can add filters (or, funny faces as elinor calls it) and captions and emojis. you can color and create your own wording and art. like i said, it's pretty much about fun and play.

so, enjoy! and happy friday! xo.