celebrating sixty

IMG_2971 over the weekend, the family gathered to celebrate both of my parents turning the big 6-0 this month. we had an elevated pizza party for them and headed back to their place so that they could blow out the candles and dig into some cake. and you can't forget the cards and presents! and party hats and noise makers.





i am so honored to call them my parents. they are doing life well. they are aging with grace. leading by example. they are so generous to people in their lives. they are loyal. they keep their hands busy. they take on new challenges, learn new skills. i love watching their marriage relationship continue to grow and flourish. i pray that God continues to sustain them - that He uses their lives for His great kingdom work. they have experienced so much in the past 60 years. but truly, the best is yet to come. i hope that their next one, five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty (hey, sixty?) years the the sweetest yet. that God blesses them richly with good things. that they foster meaningful relationships and create wonderful memories. that they grow deeper and wider in their wisdom and knowledge. that they are successful and fulfilled. that they are satisfied by the goodness of their Savior.

here's to silver hair and golden years! sixty looks good on you two.






aaaand...a little walk down memory lane:

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