a few links for your friday (wait, it's thursday? well, shoot.)

F3147_YL5404_d4 no joke, you guys. i totally thought today was friday. like, really truly. so, that's kind of a bummer. but now that i have accepted the thursdayness of it all, i am trying to make the most of it. i suppose it's like i have a bonus day! soooooo, that's good. AND it is cinco de mayo so we will be diving into some jackfruit tacos tonight. a little THURSDAY (thursday, rachel, thursday) night fiesta to jump into friYAY and the weekend with some salsa in our step.

so, here are a few links for you to enjoy on this glorious THURSDAY!


this bathing suit is a tad too cutesy for my personal style but it sure makes me want to sing let's go fly a kite!

an essay on how the danes reframe. i love this concept. it is all about being a realistic optimist, which is actually what i consider myself to be. "they don’t negate negative information like overly optimistic people with rose-colored glasses. they tend to be brutally realistic about life, but they are also incredibly gifted at finding angles of reality that aren’t so dark, upsetting, or negative - it is a bit like what happens in an art gallery.”

this essay on what your personality type means for your career. in case you are interested, i am an ENTJ ("the commander"). have you taken the test...what are you?

apparently, there are 12 kinds of kindness.

mother's day is this weekend! xoxo to all the wonderful women in my life. and here's a list of 20 fabulous brunch recipes if you need some inspiration.

also, radiohead is working on a new album.

ordering myself one of these.

the best workout gear. 

did you know that quinn snacks now has PRETZELS? oh yes. they do.

majorly digging these shades right now.

i have been trying to find that perfect, oversized abstract art piece for above my desk and i am thinking i might just do this.

love love love. and love some more.

at long lash, beautycounter launched a safer mascara!