a double-date night.

IMG_1684_2 IMG_1685 oh hey there! how was your weekend? things were pretty great around here. with a few minor bumps in the road (more on that later). but overall, super nice.

on saturday night, we dropped the little ones at my folks' house so they could have a little playdate...and so we could have a playdate of our very own. double-date night, people! we have been trying to get something on the books from MONTHS AGO. it really is ridiculous how quickly our calendars are filled. it is difficult enough for us to plan an evening out, just us. but adding another couple to the mix? woah. that's three household schedules to coordinate. ours. theirs. and of course, the all-important schedule of whoever kindly agrees to watch the little ones. this dinner has been tentatively scheduled and then rescheduled quite a few times. so, it was about time. and when we finally found a do-able evening, we were on it.

dropped the little ones. hopped in the car. and off we went. and since my mom was armed with a bottle, we could really party it up. you guys, we stayed out past 7:30pm! wild ones, we are.

we really needed this night. i am so grateful for a little break to turn off mama and papa mode and just be us. amazing what plates and plates of food, some sweet dessert, and good company can do for you.

here's to a new week! and getting more date nights on the calendar...

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